Contact Us and Contributions

Feel free to email us for customer support and comments about the The Illustrated Field Guide, Vintage Trailer ID App or any other vintage trailer related questions or information. 

Please send us input and suggestions for vintage trailers to include in the Vintage Trailer ID App at We need all the ads, photos, brochures, and technical information that you can provide because we want the Vintage Trailer ID app to become even more valuable over time. We'll need a photo release if we decide to use any of your photographs.

We’re not perfect! If you find a mistake or omission in The Illustrated Field Guide to Vintage Trailers  or in the Vintage Trailer ID App send us an email at with any photographs and supporting documents. We’ll make changes to the next edition of the field guide, or change the app pronto and announce the correction on our website and social media pages.

Make sure to send us your name so we can give you credit for your contribution.