One time at Boot Camp...

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One time at Boot Camp...

Way back in early March 2020 we took a road trip from our hometown of Portland, Oregon to Hollister, California and Vintage Camper Trailer Magazine's boot camp. It's about a twelve or so hour drive according to google maps, but we make it into a two-day trip down the I-5 corridor with a few stops along the way.

We usually get pumped up on black coffee and maple bars for breakfast around ten in the morning. That's followed by some Slim Jim's, Skittles, and Mexican Cokes for lunch. By late afternoon we're pretty tapped out, so we usually pull into K R Drive Inn in Oakland, Oregon for burgers and malted shakes made with Umpqua Dairy ice cream. "Mmmm good. Belch!," says Bob.

From there it's about two hours to Emigrant Lake Campground in Ashland, Oregon to spend the night. Of course we head into town to spend time with the locals at The Wild Goose Cafe and Bar for some cold PBR on tap and something healthy for dinner like chicken fingers and fries.

Why did we share all these details? So you could understand our state of mind when we wrote our presentation for VCT bootcamp, which is an intensive three day training with vintage trailer restoration experts.

       Paul Lacitinola and the VCT Boot Camp team.

We took turns driving and creating our presentation about the origins of The Illustrated Field Guide to Vintage Trailers on an old mac laptop that didn't quite charge and lost the internet constantly. 

So, of course, we arrived late to boot camp and then had to wing our presentation for a forgiving Thursday night crowd. We had a great time telling our story and welcoming them to the event. We wish we had pictures, but of course we didn't take any. And Carl doesn't allow video of himself.

He does videotape other people though. Here's a live stream of Jim Polk of Polk and Associates speaking at Boot Camp on valuing trailers, appraisals and properly insuring them. There were tons of great speakers and presentations that we want to see again.

We appreciate being asked to speak at boot camp, to sign books, and feel lucky that we got a chance to see old friends and to make some new ones.

We are itching to get back out on the road soon to see you all again.


  • Paul

    Lots of rallies in Northern California.

  • Charlotte Hampton

    Hi. I am a proud new owner of a 1956 Jewel Camper. I just bought your book at local Santa Cruz bookstore and bought two mugs off of your website. I am in love. I am wondering if there will be any vintage camper gatherings/ meet ups this fall? I am in Santa Cruz and curious if there will be one during Covid. If not, is there a time and date when there is an annual vintage camper meetup/gatherings happen? Where and when? I will be there for 2021 for sure! Thanks . One happy camper. Jolene

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