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Planning an event is tough work. When that event includes over 200 vintage trailers it gets even trickier. Rene Perret, who co-owns Downriver Vintage Trailer Restoration with her husband Jeremy, talked with us about what it's like to plan Washington state's largest vintage trailer rally and why after taking it over three years ago she still comes back for more.  Also, enjoy our first installment of Vintage Trailer Glossary Terms, where you'll learn that a canned ham is more than just what's for dinner. The Mt. Baker Vintage Trailer Rally will be held on September 3-9 in Lynden, WA and requires no pre-registration, so...

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Photo by Deirdre Thompson  The Pickathon music festival in Happy Valley, Oregon tapped us again to use our vintage trailer for this year's series of band interviews. The Field Guide to Vintage Trailers' corporate headquarters, aka "The Canned Ham," served as both a recording studio and backdrop for video interviews at the annual music fest. The vintage style of our Cardinal fit right into the scene that featured multiple stages tucked into various wooded settings, along with campsites for the many attendees that stay the duration of the multi-day event. Along with the interviews, director Patrick Weishample also shot this beautiful series of Polaroid portraits of artists Karma Rivera,...

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