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Give a listen to the story of the loving restoration of Dave and Lori Whites' 1948 Curtis Wright Model 5 Clipper. It took over five-years and multiple attempts to make it their own. The interior has been customized and the exterior features a flowing black stripe on the sides of the Model 5 that was modeled after a 1948 advertisement. Creating an authentic stripe took research, time, and perseverance to achieve. This episode was recorded at the 2019 All-American Rally in Brooks, Oregon in the Canned Ham Studios and is hosted by "The Illustrated Field Guide to Vintage Trailers" authors....

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We are very excited to announce that not only is The Illustrated Field Guide to Vintage Trailers on schedule to launch in conjunction with Modernism Week 2019, our 1958 Cardinal has also been accepted to be part of the Vintage Trailer Show. So we'll be hitching up the canned ham and trekking to Palm Springs with a pile of books to sell and autograph in person during the show. We hope to be in the company some of the many trailers we've photographed in California for the book over the last few of years. We shared and explained the field guide using a few sample...

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